Silver for Shannon!

Shannon PovallCongratulations to Shannon Povall who has achieved her Silver President's award. For this award Shannon had to participate and improve on a physical activity as well as a skill. For these two sections she chose Park Run and Art. Her trip to Egypt with a school group was her Adventurous journey.

The most difficult section is the many hours the participants have to put into community service. This Shannon did with ease. She initiated the repainting of House of Hope. She was able to get the paint donated and with the help of the Rotary Interacters completed the task. She also spent many hours on other community projects. Well done, Shannon. This is what Shannon had to say about her participation in this international award.

Shannon says she would advise any youngster to be part of this prestigious award because it truly teaches you what you are capable of. Her highlight throughout the process was repainting House of Hope. Her biggest challenge was raising enough money for her trip to Egypt. Shannon also received a Land Service award for her contribution to her community. Well done Shannon! We could use more people like you in our community!

 Painting House of Hope 02 Painting House of Hope