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Die finale Matriekuitslae na die hermerk is ‘n verbetering op die oorspronklike uitslae.
Baie geluk aan die volgende leerders wat nou beter presteer het.
Chrisna Wagenaar, ons toppresteerder het steeds 6 A’s en 2 B’s, maar haar gemiddeld het nou van 84,5% na 85,3% opgeskuif.
Drie ander leerders het ook nou meer A-simbole.
Melandri Coetzer behaal drie A’s vir Eng EAT, L.O. en Lew Wet.
Lindrie du Randt het nou 4 A’s vir Eng EAT, L.O, Lew Wet en Toerisme.
Carli Schlebusch het nou 5 A’s vir Eng EAT, L.O. Aard, Lew Wet en Toerisme.
Die getal vak A / 7-simbole het nou van 90 tot 95 opgeskuif.
Voorwaar puik finale uitslae vir 2017.

ANHS Student Excels in Powerlifting!

The Rhino Powerlifting Club, under the Global Powerlifting Committee, held their National Championships on 22 and 23 June 2018 at Strength Club, Durban. Approximately 100 athletes took part over the 2 days. Athletes had to qualify at Provincial competitions to take part in this event.
Friday 22 June 2018 was Simon Gush’s day on the platform. Simon, coached by Billy and Brenda Mollentze, 2BFit gym Barkly East, performed beyond expectation and his performance on the platform was a pleasure to watch. He turned 16 earlier in June and now being in the 16-17 year age group, he was one of the youngest lifters in that division.
3 Attempts are allowed for squats, bench press and deadlifts. There is a lot of technicality involved, with 3 referees judging your lifts. Simon’s squats ended on 105kg, and his bench 85kg. He set himself a very high goal in the deadlifts and it came down to “how bad do you want it”. He had an easy opener of 150kg, then a 170kg second attempt which came up equally smooth. At this stage Simon’s total was lying 15kg below the leader of his division. The record was 190kg. With an excellent lift of 170kg already in the bag, the bar was loaded to 192,5kg for his third attempt, and the SA record. This was a phenomenal, successful attempt and secured a gold medal at Saturday’s prize giving. His total was 322,5kg in March and June’s exceptional lifting at this National event pushed it up to a whopping 382,5kg. With this total Simon qualifies to compete at the World Championships.
We look forward to watching him challenge the other records in this same age division (Teen 2: 16-17, under 75kg) next year!

Simon Gush Powerlifting

Alie races at Pakisa Raceway

On Saturday 30 June team H2O Racing competed in the National 8 hour endurance race held at the Pakisa Raceway in Welkom.
The 4 man team consisted of, Tristan Kumm (ANHS), Clinton Kumm, Louis Schlebusch and Bees Grobler.
Between the 4 riders laps had to be accumulated for a continuous 8 hour period and the team with the most laps wins the race. In their TT category Team H2O managed to get a second place by accumulating 227 laps and no penalties at all. This was quite an achievement as most of the teams had received penalties for various reasons.
In addition, Tristan Kumm won the prize for the youngest rider of the event, amongst the total number of 110 riders. Alieland is very proud of this young fast Alie.
Die span wil hiermee graag die plaaslike borg, Mnr. Gerhard Visagie van die Oranje Dienssentrum, Aliwal-Noord bedank vir sy borgskap wat opreg waardeer word. The team thanks him for sponsoring the 95 octane fuel for the bikes as well as Monster energy fuel for the riders, this is much appreciated.

Tristan Kumm