atletiek RohanSaturday 10 February, although threatened by a forecast of heavy rains, turned out to be an exceptional beautiful day – both in weather and athletics.

Even though athletes from 14 schools competed to go through to the Joe Gqabi meeting, the ANHS athletes performed extremely well.

We wish to congratulate the following athletes on outstanding results.  William-James Orrock (S16) hardloop die 100m in 11.94 sekondes (678 punte).   Rohan Kruger (S19) stel ‘n fantastiese nuwe rekord op vir gewigstoot met ‘n nuwe afstand van 14,23m (679 punte).  Solomon Opoku-Boaten (B19) ran the 200m in just 23,75 seconds (679 points) and the 100m in 11,75 seconds (667 points).  Tecy Williams (S19) hardloop die 100m in 11,72 sekondes (671 points). 

 Anica Pretorius (M14) stoot die gewig 8,00m (714 punte).  Esmarie Vorster (M14) stoot die gewig ook ‘n goeie afstand van 7,89m (707 punte).  Zintle Makehle (G14) pushed the weight 7,20m (667 points). Quin-Lynn Joubert (M15) stoot die gewig 8,84m (745 punte).  Karli van der Walt (M15) stoot op haar beurt die gewig 8,80m (743 punte).  Nathi Doloni (G17) pushed the weight a great distance of 8,56m (704 points).  Reba Marabe (G19) pushed the weight 7,92m (709 points).  Angelique Leeuskieter (G19) also pushed the weight a great distance of 7,91m (708 points). 

We wish the 83 athletes who will participate at the Joe Gqabi meeting on 24 February at Sterkspruit Christian School all the best.