Heritage day / Erfenisdag

The Gr 9 E class of ANHS decided to go one step further to make heritage day a real life experience. Learners were allowed to dress according to their heritage, but proud Ali’s always do more as these learners cleaned the area between the school and the reservoirs on 22 September.  Glass and plastic waste polluted the area horribly.  Some of the learner’s comments are quoted below:

 It is great knowing that we actually did something to improve our environment. Littering is a very bad habit and we are asking you to please not pollute our environment and help make it a better place for all.  Shiri Wiessie.

 This was a great accomplishment. Humans and animals benefit from a clean unpolluted environment. Remember, everyone can do their part. PLEASE STOP LITTERING!! Mandilakhe Mpeqeka.

 By doing this, we did not only restore the beauty of the veld, but we possibly saved the lives of animals grazing there. It felt good to be able to show what it really means to be a PROUD ALI. We were very happy to participate in an environmental act like this. Thank You!  Qaqamba Molose.

 South Africans: Be proud and do not litter in our lovely BIG FIVE country. Not everyone is a Christian, but Christians please obey God’s Law that we should care for the creatures and the environment.  By picking up one or two items, you demonstrate what is in your heart and mind. Kebohile Lebeta.

The area was polluted with plastic, tins, disposable nappies and broken glass (mainly from bear bottles). The tiny pieces of glass imposes a severe threat to animals going for short green grass this time of the year. If everyone can just act responsible and not litter the world could be a different place.  R du Plessis.

Alieland vier Erfenisdag!

Die gange en gronde van Alieland was n kleurvolle mengelmoes van kulture Vrydag 22 September. Vir die eerste keer is Erfenisdag op groot skaal gevier. Elke leerder kon aantrek volgens sy/haar erfenis en kultuur. Leerders kon so op ‘n informele manier leer van mekaar se kulture.