I once was lost, but now I’m found

The annual UCSA Junior Camp was held the weekend of 1 - 3 September.  The theme was the story of the lost son in Luke and everybody present was touched in one way or another.

Through fun, games and group work the message that everybody has a choice - just like the lost son, we need to choose whether we would like to live a life fit for pigs, or to live in the will of our Father - came through clearly.  It was clear from the start, but became even more evident that a life in the will of the Father is far better than one where we waste our lives away.

Maybe, it is time for all of us to stop and consider where we are today.  Are we living with the pigs or are we with the Father and enjoying His presence in our lives?

The UCSA of Aliwal North High School would like to thank Spar for their donation which contributed to the success of the camp.