Interacters is giving their time!

On Wednesday 9 August, 7 learners of the Aliwal North High School Interact club gave their time to start the improvements of the play area of House of Hope.

House of Hope is an after school day care centre for underprivileged children from all ages. There playground is in such a bad state that it is actually unsafe for the children to play in. Because these children do not know of better, they are playing there and are still just happy to be able to play.

The Rotary Interact club has decided to start making the play area more playable by painting the structures that are still able to be used.  Two tyre swings have been sponsored.  The club hopes to finish this project before summer starts.  The kids would then be able to play underneath the trees without getting hurt by the damaged jungle gyms.

We would like to thank Hannes Botha (medal paints ), for helping us with the needed paint to start our project.